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The Latest Research on Bone Broth

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Hey Brother,

Recently, there’s been a spike in downloads for my free bone broth guide.

As more and more people find the incredible benefits of bone broth, I wanted so share some of the cutting edge info coming out on bone broth.

I’ve been a true believer in bone broth for years, and now mainstream science is catching up.

Expensive, store-bought bone broth powders and pills are all the rage right now, but according to Dr. Stacie Stevenson…the best benefits come from making your own both broth at home:

Bone broth contains collagen and gelatin, both of which can improve skin and joint health.
“Collagen is a trendy ingredient that can improve skin quality, reduce joint pain, and make bones denser,” says Dr. Stephenson. “A lot of people take it in the form of powders or pills, but bone broth may be a better, more natural way to get collagen. Your body makes collagen out of glycine and proline, and research shows that the regular consumption of bone broth increases these amino acids in the body, which suggests that it supports the body’s natural collagen production.”
The connective tissue on bones is also made of collagen, which dissolves into gelatin in bone broth. For best results, use a variety of animal bones so you get different types of collagen, Dr. Stephenson adds. The gelatin in bone broth may also contribute to collagen synthesis, as well as cartilage thickness and function in people with osteoarthritis.

Rachel Dyckman, a Dietician who specializes in Irritable Bowel Disease recommends bone broth for anyone suffering from stomach or digestive issues:

Bone broth has been consumed for centuries and is made from boiling collagen-rich animal bones, often with herbs and spices. I like to use bone broth as a soup base to give it extra protein, or I’ll drink it on its own as a warm, comforting beverage. Preliminary research suggests that collagen protein may also promote healing of the gut’s mucosal lining. And since bone broth contains sodium, it’s a great way to replenish lost electrolytes too.

Finally, a new study published in the National Institute of Health found that athletes who consumed bone broth daily for 24 weeks experienced quicker recovery and had significantly less joint pain than the control group who never had bone broth.

Sadly, many people don’t incorporate bone broth into their health regime because “it seems like too much work” to make it at home, and you can spend a small fortune buying pre-made, packaged bone broth at the grocery store.

Bone broth is simple, but there are a few mistakes that could ruin your whole batch (so let’s avoid those!)

Download my free bone broth guide,p/bone-broth-go-to-guide and start sipping your way to amazing benefits.

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