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When to Eat 4000+ Calories Per Day

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No, you didn’t read that headline wrong.

I’m focusing on eating 4,000 calories or more per day in 2022. As I ramp up my Ironman training, I’m also ramping up my caloric intake!!
If I don’t, my body will fail me. It won’t be able to handle the training intensity & my recovery will fall short.

There will be times on my prep the next 10 months where I'm eating damn near 6,000 calories per day if I can get it in my body.


You see so much about caloric deficits on Twitter, there isn’t enough time spent on when (and why, and what) to eat if you’re going to ramp up your caloric intake.

Most Americans do need to be in a consistent caloric deficit. Because most Americans are overweight & inactive.

But if you’re like me, or most of the guys who follow me on Twitter, you likely need to be eating MORE food in order to keep your body operating at the highest level.

If you’re looking to build muscle & put on significant weight.. You fit into the category of people who should be eating mega calories. I’m a naturally skinny guy, so I get it.. It takes a lot of effort for me to pack on size. I need to be training my ass off. Eating a ton of food. Sleeping like a king.

Especially for you young guys out there.. I chat with a number of young guys online who are too caught up in trying to maintain shredded abs. I laugh because this was me for so many years..

If you’re a young guy, just focus on growth. Packing on size. Eating as much quality food as you can each day. The abs will come long term. But if you don’t focus on growth now, it will be a whole lot harder as you get older. Build the foundation now. Long term you can have the size & the abs.


It’s really not difficult to get up to 4,000 calories a day.

Just hit what Whataburger drive thru and order four chocolate shakes.

They’re 1,050 calories EACH, so just suck those bad boys down, and you’re done for the day!

I’m kidding, of course (but I bet somebody has done this). I mean, I've done this.. In my younger & dumber days.

Don’t do this.. You’ll leave yourself feeling like shit. Tired all the time. Farting. Bloated. And you’ll do long term damage to your gut & body as a whole. Not worth it!!

If you’re going to ramp up to a high calorie diet for training purposes, you can’t just shovel dessert into your face (but there’s also no need to skip dessert). That being said, I still eat cookies every single day to get extra calories in!!

Here’s the key.. Eating quality desserts!! Made from whole ingredients. Not store bought junk full of seed oils & processed garbage. If you wanna learn how to make your own delicious desserts at home.. Check out my Clean Desserts Cookbook.

Either way, you can’t just fill up your day with desserts. No matter how clean the ingredients are. You need to be eating REAL FOOD predominantly.

Below are a few things that can really help you ensure you’re getting all of the macronutrients AND micronutrients that your body needs.

1. Eat lots of animal based products

Ideally grass fed.. Organic

Muscle meats (steaks, chicken thighs etc), eggs, bone broth, organs etc

  • 2-3 cups per day of Bone Broth sometimes even

Butter is a great addition.. High in calories. I add it to almost everything I eat

Baking Bone Marrow is a great way to add calories to your meals.. Drizzling the oil over your food

2. Quality carbs!!

I’m a big fan of sweet potatoes, honey & fruit as my staples

  • I would add in 2-3 tbsp honey before your training session.. And another few during your training session for quick calories!

I also really enjoy pasta & cheese.. This is a staple for me. You can load up on a ton of calories with this meal. As a side with steak or something. Check out my brother Alex’s cookbook if you want this recipe & more

Here’s an overview of what a day of eating will look like for me most days..


Up & at em.. Warm up 12oz Bone Broth to drink on the way to the gym. In addition to 2-3tbsp honey pre workout

Plus Beef Organs.. I take my Mood, Memory & Brain supps in the morning


BIG breakfast.. 3-4 whole eggs w/ either steak or chicken added in with the eggs. Plus 2-3 tbsp grass fed butter

  • On the side i’ll add a few pieces of high quality sourdough toast.. w/ some more butter on top.. Plus high quality jam


2nd cup of Bone Broth .. Add a little beef tallow in for more fat/calories

Depending on how hungry I am.. I may add in ½ to 1 full homemade cookie .. or some more honey

I’ll take another dose of Cow organs here as well.. This is when i’ll take my Whole Package


BIG lunch.. Steak, chicken thigh or ground beef. Pasta + cheese OR sweet potato on the side. Added butter


3rd cup of Bone Broth.. Plus more carbs potentially

Final dose of organs.. This is when i’ll take my standard Beef Organs


BIG dinner.. Ideally a fat Ribeye. Potato or pasta/cheese on the side. A few bones for bone marrow

Some cookies for dessert!!

This flow will get me at least 4,000 calories per day. But as prep progresses, it will also allow me to easily increase 1k-2k calories within this framework. Tons of protein. Quality fats.

I hope this article helps you on your journey towards your goals!

Much love.  


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